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Things to do and see on the island of Br

*whether explored by trail, bike or car, these cultural and geological points of interest can add flavour to your stay with us*



Brač (pronounced ‘bratch’) is the longest and most elevated island in central Dalmatia at 48km long and 14km wide with 394 square km.


Being the nearest island to Split and it’s airport, it means getting to Brac and our villas is easy, via regular ferries or even speedboat straight from the airport.


With stunning beaches, rocky bays and a dry landscape it makes for stunning scenery.


There are many classic tourist attractions such as the Ivan Rendić gallery and the Basillica of St. Lawrence remains. The ports and towns on the nearest side to the mainland (such as Sutivan, Supetar, Pučišća and Postira) boast shops, beautiful promenades of restaurants and cafes and some stunning bays. Inland is full of real Croatian island culture with some great places to stop off on a car ride or long day out on the road bike.


However, on the far side of the island, where we are based, is where the real magic lies. It is more peaceful, unspoilt and geographically dramatic. Serene beaches, remote coastal paths and breathtaking views await you looking out over the Adriatic.

Our local villages


From our villas you are in the perfect location to explore the interesting local villages and harbours, with deep history and interesting architecture.


Milna, our local town, is a brief walk away down quiet roads. With a wide bay it has become a world famous sailing hub, and a base from which to explore the islands further away (see information on the Krilo Ferry island day trip). With this it has become a hive of activity and culture with restaurants, cafes and shops along the promenade.


The town was cultivated around the Cerinić family residence where main activities for locals based in fishing, wine, olive oil production and tourism.


Many of our runs pass through here (a great pit stop for a drink!)


The coastal trail that passes by Milna is a definite route not to miss!



Ložišća and Bobovišca



Two stunning coastal towns within running distance and a short 5-10min drive.


Ložišća is situated on a steep stone glade making it striking in design. The bell tower of St Paul and St John church is the most striking in all of Croatia and a must see as is Franz Joseph’s ‘bridge to nowhere’.


Bobovišca on the other hand, just less than a mile away, is a small quiet harbour town. Breathtaking views, unspoilt old stone buildings and crystal clear waters. Unlike the hub that Milna provides with shops and services, here you can experience the peaceful pleasure that it brings.


An array of trail and cycle routes (both on and off road link up all these villages and towns, taking coastal paths and hillier inland adventures).



Image by Oliver Sjöström



Bol with its main attraction being the Goldern Horn also know as Zlatni Rat, a large white sandy beach, has become a popular attraction and place to visit.


Being a few miles further down the coast from us, it makes for a great finishing point to relax after a long coastal trail run.


One exciting excursion is to Babića stina, behind Zlatni rat. At a depth of around five metres, the remains of a Roman villa from the first century AD become apparent, the mosaics clearly visible. All kinds of bright creatures, coral and flora call these caves and hollows home, opening up a new world only 15 minutes from Bol.

Vidova Gora


Of more interest to those trail hikers and runners of you is Vidova Gora! Dramatically hanging over Bol town below, it is the highest peak on the island but more so the highest peak in all of the Adriatic islands. A must see and for the ‘peak baggers’ of you, a must summit!


At 778m high the trails that climb up from the trail head down below are fun, adventurous and rocky. The views from the top are worth the effort though as you can behold entire vista of the Dalmatian islands. Stunning.


For non runners/hikers, this viewing point is accessed by road and there are plenty of trails from the mainland to it as well.


Road bikes can access this point too via a good well established road network.



vidova gora.jpeg
plaj blanca.jpeg

Pustinja Blanca


What a find! We must admit our first discovery of it was mid long run, journeying across the coastal trails and taking an adventurous detour off the main path. Down a switch back into a steep sided bay this stunning stone Monastery lay.


Well hidden and completely off the beaten track this Monastery is a special treat. Accessed by foot or bike (either through a drive then a long walk from inland or for our lucky guests, a run, mountain bike along our local coastal trails), this remote site is steeped in cultural and historical importance.


It is 400 years old and has origins as a stone cave where a couple of monks of the Croatian Glagolitic Order used it as a place of solitude to dedicate themselves to God. Blaca was also worldwide known for its astronomic observatory, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.


The Dragon's Cave, Murvica

Dragon‘s Cave is located above Murvica which is a small village 7 km west of Bol. It is called The Dragon's Cave because of the relief of the dragon in it. It was a temple and dwelling of the glagolitic priests. Reliefs are monuments to the monastic life of the Glagolitic friars in the 15th century. The cave is 20 m long and divided into four halls. A visit to the Dragon's Cave is only possible with the guide. 


Again another great point of interest we journey past on our running adventures-come see it for yourself!

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